Monday, September 7, 2009

Summer's End

Well, it's been a crazy end to summer... full of crazy activities since my last writing. I've gone back to school - again - and been filling out applications for colleges all over New York. I decided after not getting into the Physician Assistant program that I worked so hard towards...that I would just keep at it and stack up more credits worth some lofty goal. I'm really not in the mood this semester for anything school like. I killed myself for the last year and a half and I would prefer to go to work rather than study. Hard to believe. I guess if I didn't have to work to support myself, school would definitely be the right thing. Sadly, I haven't won Lotto or Powerball, so off to fly I go. I have 2 classes this semester for 10 credits. Crazy. I have no idea what I was thinking. I'm already bored in one and disliking the prof... c'est la vie. I tend to be more partial towards the professors who demand something of me. So far, this one guy is a dud spud.

Speaking of spuds...

I have a fondness for all things potatoes, as I'm sure alllllll of us do. I also love the cruciferous family. Cauliflower, broccoli, Brussel sprouts, all the cabbage - you name it, if it's from that bunch, I love it. I also LOVE Bubble 'n' Squeak. Originally, a dish from the other side of the pond, designed to use up left-over veggies. Personally, I make it on purpose with fresh veggies and enjoy every last bite! They call it Bubble 'n' Squeak because they say if you make it in a big cast iron pan, that while the cabbage and potatoes are browning up, they bubble and squeak. I only get this sometimes. But it's none the less, delicious.

Here's my quick version, and left-overs are great!

Bubble 'n' Squeak

1/2 head of cabbage, sliced thinly
4 or 5 medium Yukon Gold potatoes, peeled and cut into uniform pieces
6-7 cloves of garlic
olive oil
salt and pepper

First, set a big pot of water on the stove with your potatoes - put them in the water cold and the pan cold on the stove. Never add your potatoes to boiling water! YIKES! Add to this, the garlic cloves and bring to a boil until the potatoes are tender. Then, mash with some butter, salt and pepper. Set aside.
Put about 2tbsps of butter and a good pour of olive oil in a big frying pan. Melt them together over medium heat. Add to this, the thinly slivered cabbage. Keep an eye on the cabbage, it browns quickly. After the cabbage starts to wilt and brown, remove from pan. Keep pan warm. Mix the cabbage into the mashed potatoes. Then, make patties in whatever shape and size you like. Add them back to the hot pan - being careful when you work w/ the veg and potato, it's hot! You may need to add a bit of olive oil more to the pan. Cook your patties until they are golden brown. Season with salt and pepper. Enjoy!

Sometimes when I'm feeling creative, I add shredded carrot or zucchini, but if it's not around, no worries. I love these as a meal by themselves with some salad. They rule with a roasted chicken.

Back to reading for the dud spud... wish I had Bubble 'n' Squeak instead! And off to finish the laundry... it is Labor Day, you know...

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